In the Italian culture, home (also known as “Casa”) is a very important place: it means family, protection and comfort.

Via Roma’s house was my shelter for many years, the place of memories, tales, experiences, flavors and scents. Its history brings a special meaning for our family which I would like to transfer to my guests.

During the renovation works, I have tried to enhance any single details in order not to betray the very essence of this place: during every single step of the project, I’ve been inspired by the people who built it and lived here: my great-grandfather Vincenzo, his wife Peppa and their nine sons. Renovations were carried out without betraying the original architectural elements - which are the hallmark of this house - and always trying to make this place elegant and welcoming by adding an indispensable touch of modernity and eco-friendship.

My true hope is that you will feel every bit of the Sicilian traditions and atmosphere the second you will enter the house.

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